What started as a simple need to clean our septic tank turned into a nightmare by not being able to locate the cleanout valve.  The previous owner and builder of the house could not remember where it was. After having to dig in 5 different places by hand and tearing our front walkway apart, we were about to give up and have an excavator find it which would have destroyed our beautiful landscaping.

The following week, we heard a commercial on the radio about Pressure Kleen, they had exactly what we needed to find our septic cleanout! Low and behold, it was exactly where they told us to look! After 2 summers of frustration, looking for what we thought we would never find.  Pressure Kleen was the answer into not having to ruin our landscaping.

Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash saved us A LOT of money! And I mean it because it would have cost us quite a few to have it dug and we would have probably needed a plumber on top of that…..

                                                                                                                                                                                    Debbie Lavoie