Industrial Pressure Washing Services
In Bathurst & The Acadian Peninsula

Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash prides itself in being the industry leader, having served the market for 30 years, we continuously rally for excellence and efficient performance from our professional cleaners. Among our industrial specializations are:

Industrial Cleaning – Exterior buildings

We take great pride in our work and it shows when we clean the outside of our clients’ buildings. We make sure everything is clean and looking as good as new. We understand the importance of presenting your business in a positive manner and take extra care in washing it to make sure the “face” of your business is well represented.

Mobile Fleet Wash

fleet-cleaning-service-bathurstHere at Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash we understand the harsh effects our Canadian winters can have on vehicles. We take great pride and go above and beyond simply washing your vehicles. We offer peace of mind with our daily, weekly and monthly packages to help prevent the harmful damaging effects of salt and corrosive materials. These packages pay for themselves by prolonging the life of your fleet.

While we may tailor our fleet cleaning services to suit the needs of our customers, our cleaning packages consists of completely pressure washing the exterior of the vehicle. Please contact us for more information and specific requests.

Our trained professionals understand the importance of keeping your vehicles looking their best. After all, these vehicles represent you and your organization. Trust the professionals at Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash to keep your vehicles looking their best!

Hydro-blasting unit

Hydro-blasting is a high impact cleaning technique that uses the energy of the water blast to clean the surfaces or to cut through hard materials with no use of chemicals. Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash operates at 10 000 pounds per square inch (psi) hydro-blasting for its industrial services. This technique can be used for:

  • surface preparation on metal and concrete
  • rust removal
  • boiler cleaning
  • heat exchanger cleaning
  • tube or pipe cleaning and descaling as well as for general cleaning
  • de-coating
  • structural cleaning
  • tough concrete cleaning jobs

The unit is equipped with exhaust scrubber and fire suppressor.

Specifically, Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash uses:

Lancing:  the water technician uses a self-propelled nozzle and high pressure hose to clean inside the piping system.  This is normally applied to heat exchangers and boiler tubes.   This technique can be defined into two categories, flex lancing and rigid lancing.  Flex lancing, or moleing, refers to the cleaning of small diameter tubes, while rigid lancing refers to the cleaning of larger diameter pipes.

Shotgunning:  the water technician manually operates a blast gun to use the energy of the water to cut or clean.

Hydro Flushing Unit

Hydro flushing is used for moving material such as sand, rock or mud from pipes varying from 6 inches to 36 inches in diameter. This technique uses 3000 psi at 40 to 70 gallons per minute (gpm). Pressure Kleen Mobile Wash can also use a rotary nozzle to cut through the material blocking the pipes. The unit is equipped with exhaust scrubber and fire suppressor.

Hot Water Unit

Hot water producing boiler, using 10 gpm at 158 Fahrenheit (70 oC).  This can be used with the hydro-blasting unit to thaw ice.